Zoom Vegetable Dye Straw Bag
Zoom Vegetable Dye Straw Bag
Zoom Vegetable Dye Straw Bag
Zoom Vegetable Dye Straw Bag
Zoom Vegetable Dye Straw Bag
Zoom Vegetable Dye Straw Bag

Vegetable Dye Straw Bag

Dhs. 360.00
We partner with artisans in Thailand who are skilled in creating handcrafted bags.

They use Water Hyacinth (straw) which is a type of riverbank weed-grown locally in the region and Ceylon spinach to acquire the natural pink colour. To start, the artisans soak the weed in water and twist the strands together in small bunches to make them more durable. Next, they boil the dye, simmer continuously then strain the water and add in the strands and let them cool. When the straws are dried and ready artisans twist, braid or weave them with a needle and thread to create this beautiful bag.


Did you know?  It can take up to 60 hours to create a single piece…


Details and Care

This product is made from Water Hyacinth and Ceylon spinach, by artisans in Thailand.

  • Comes with protective cover
  • Once you receive the bag shake it upside down to remove extra fibres
  • Store our bag indoors, preferably in air-conditioned rooms
  • The beauty of handmade products is such that each piece is unique and marks the artisan’s footprints, therefore there may be minor differences from the pictures you see
  • Like a glass of fine wine which tastes better with age our bags can change colour with time especially in the sun. if you’d like to retain the colour it’s best to store the bag away from harsh sun rays
  • If your bag gets wet, quickly air dry
  • Our bag has been crafted to last and can carry up to 2kgs in it
  • Every order comes with a detailed “How to Care” card

Editor's advice

A bag for wherever the day takes you, even if it’s just for lunch with a friend this straw bag is a sustainable take on a classic. It’s faded pink colour gives it that rusty feminine feel. Just throw on your favourite pair of jeans or a summer dress and you’re ready for a beautiful day out in the sun.

There is plenty of room inside for everyday sun essentials.

This item’s measurements are

  • Length including handle height: 24 cm
  • Handle length: 12 cm
  • Width: 20 cm
  • Depth: 3.5 cm

Our Sustainable Steps

  • Artisanal
  • Certified by World fair trade organization
  • 100% Handcrafted
  • 100% Natural Materials
  • Providing livelihood to female artisans
  • Eco Packaging