Artisans and Materials

Dans Le Soleil is committed to empowering artisans, being kinder to the environment and creating beautiful products for all you graceful women out there. Suppliers we choose to work with follow the same ethos as us, they’re picked after long conversations around quality, sustainability and principles of protecting the most vulnerable in the fashion chain.

Our Materials

Considering the environmental impact of fashion on the earth we're committed to only using earth-friendly materials and vegetable/natural dyes derived from plants for colouring our bags. Each piece is made with integrity and care from the highest-quality materials such as jute and Water Hyacinth (straw).

We also take a step further by ensuring our packaging boxes are biodegradable and almost the right size to minimize waste.


This NGO operates with artisans across villages in Bangladesh. It's a Nonprofit NGO certified by WFTO and works closely with the rural communities.

Employing mainly women who haven't had the privilege to be financially independent, 99% of their workforce is women. By working with us they have a chance to be paid fairly, learn a new skill and create beautiful pieces which empowers them by gaining respect in society and the opportunity to provide education to their family and lift their standard of living.

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This partner is a social enterprise focused on preserving age-old techniques, wisdom and knowledge of weaving, sourcing and dying natural products passed on from generations.

Our partners are committed to empowering local artisans in Thailand by helping them participate in the global marketplace facilitating communication and close collaboration. Their expertise lies in locally sourcing natural materials, know-how of handcrafts and creating long lasting beautiful pieces.

They're also passionate about providing higher than average minimum income per day to their artisans helping them harness and preserve the artisan culture.

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